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Integration of the LMS with Zoom/Adobe Connect

Bringing employees closer wherever they are.

Grifo multimedia has developed a set of additional functions that allows integration between the Forma LMS e-learning platform and the Zoom or Adobe Connect videoconferencing software.

By using videoconferencing software to provide remote training, virtual classroom sessions can be scheduled and delivered through a single platform, thus increasing management effectiveness and improving the service offered.

In this way, remote training sessions can be delivered and managed in a very simple way in synchronous mode within blended training courses.


  • SINGLE SIGN-ON: Create, manage and launch Adobe Connect/Zoom meetings seamlessly directly from Forma LMS

  • EVENT ALERT: Define a customizable reminder to be sent to users at set time intervals

  • MULTI-HOST: By managing multiple licenses it is possible to create multiple simultaneous events

  • EVENT MANAGER: Use the Forma LMS calendar to view the scheduled Virtual Classroom sessions

  • RECORD your meeting for future playbacks: Record your events and sessions for further reference with Forma LMS integration with Zoom/Adobe Connect.

  • ATTENDANCE REPORTS:  Analyze Adobe Connect/Zoom session attendance reports directly within Forma LMS. Download attendance reports in Excel or PDF and easily access valuable user metrics.

  • MOBILE ACCESS: Join Virtual Classroom sessions through your mobile device, smartphone or tablet.




With video conferencing software integrated into Forma LMS, you can save time in scheduling a session on only one platform. You can create the webinar sessions on Forma LMS and add all the details. Furthermore, these details are automatically created in your Zoom/Adobe Connect account too, reducing the tedious and repetitive task of doubled admin work.


Forma LMS integration with Zoom/Adobe Connect enables you to bypass the laborious step of manually enrolling each learner in the session. When your learners are recorded on the LMS and a session is scheduled on the video conferencing software, all you must do is log in to your LMS, and you will access all information about learners – no manual work needed.


Notification emails are sent to learners prior to the event with the information they need to know to ensure they do not miss it. The provision of setting reminders for events through the integration of Forma LMS with Zoom/Adobe Connect makes it easy for learners to stay informed.


Record your events and webinar sessions. They will be available as teaching materials on your LMS.


At the end of the meeting, Forma LMS will show you how many people attended and for how long. All information is available in the event report. If necessary, you can download and save it in Excel format.

FORMA LMS integrated with Zoom or Adobe Connect

Improves the online learning experience


Zoom or Adobe Connect video conferencing sessions integrated into a blended learning path that includes different training delivery channels and methods, help make the learning experience more engaging and interactive.

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