Digital content available in a variety of different formats

We design and create digital content suitable for delivery on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. Training is made quicker and more flexible, while reducing costs and organizational burdens.

We effectively meet the growing need of knowledge enhancement with the utmost flexibility: that’s ubiquitous learning, or knowledge delivered anywhere, any time and on any digital device.

Simulations and case studies are very effective learning techniques. They enable learners to experience a realistic situation in which they can apply and test their knowledge.

By doing this, we create virtual environments where learners put into practice their knowledge and get ready to face the challenges of the real world. As a result, the learning experience becomes more engaging and more effective. People learn from experience, from the results and also by making mistakes – safely – in a realistic virtual space.

Serious games are powerful tools to transfer skills and change behaviour. Although serious games can be entertaining, their main purpose is to train or educate users. The game dynamics generate motivation and emotional involvement that contribute to improve and to make the learning experience more effective.

Serious games are an ideal learning tool for a variety of audiences and for many purposes: empowerment and treatment adherence in the health field, soft skills in corporate training, knowledge and process skills in compliance training etc.

In the creation of serious games we have combined our extensive experience in learning technologies with our creativity to develop engaging and captivating storylines.

Recently we are focusing our research investments in this sector to make our serious games pervasive and adaptive, including the integration of sensor devices.

We have a catalogue of off-the-shelf e-learning courses. However, we can also create customized e-learning courses according to the specific needs of our clients. The multidisciplinary expertise of our team and our proven design methodology ensure quality both from the technological and the instructional point of view. Our e-learning courses comply with international standards and are available for online and offline delivery, on various media and platforms.


We guarantee the quickest production of e-learning courses at the lowest cost, by using the appropriate methodology and authoring tools designed to rapidly build the course. Thus we can turn traditional training materials (e.g. PowerPoint presentations) into e-learning courses accessible on a variety of platforms and mobile devices.


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