Professional services to manage your training and digital transformation projects in a more effective way


Blended learning, delivered combining classroom sessions and other training methods, is one of the major learning models employed today. The classroom training sessions are getting shorter, while the learning process is based on case studies and hands-on sessions integrated with e-learning, coaching, social learning, serious games and other methods.

The use of technologies is not the only way to make the learning experience more engaging and effective. Through some specific functions of our e-learning platforms we can also provide the strategical services of tutoring and monitoring, to assist the various actors in the training process. These professional services significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the training courses, providing user support (concerning technology and / or content) and management support for all those who are in charge of the training. Furthermore, we can offer organizational support and tutorship during virtual classroom sessions.

In collaborative learning contexts, we provide support to social building and sharing of knowledge. Thanks to the social features embedded within our e-learning and gamification platforms, we can enhance the learning process and provide support to communities and virtual spaces of participation and sharing of knowledge.

In any gamification and e-learning project we can provide support to your daily management of the technology platforms, and assistance for training staff and / or end users.

We combine creativity with technology innovation to generate value for our clients. Our solutions aim at improving business performance through the development of human capital and the digital transformation process.


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